Virtual Visits

What is a Virtual Visit?

A Virtual Visit, also known as a Telehealth Visit is an appointment that is conducted using video conferencing software. Overall, I've received positive feedback from patients about Virtual Visits, with some reporting that they now prefer Virtual Visits to in-person visits because of the convenience of having an appointment while located at home. 

What has been done to set up the process of Virtual Visits?

I've streamlined the process of scheduling and conducting a virtual visit so it works as smoothly as possible, particularly given that now all visits are being conducted as virtual visits. New patients can contact me using the Appointments tab on the site menu, we will set up a free phone consult and then an initial full consultation. Existing patients can also use the Appointments tab on the site menu. I usually have availability within 24 hours. 

In developing this virtual visit system, I scoured available resources to create an experience for you that is as easy and efficient as possible. Utilizing secure and HIPAA-compliant web-based document sharing, consent forms which are sign-able online, and a secure video platform for the visit, I hope you will find the process quick and without difficulty. If you do have any suggestions or encounter any difficulty, please do let me know, as I'll always be glad to improve your experience as a patient.

What software is used?

Currently, I am primarily using a service called Secure Video which is a secure, HIPAA-compliant version of the Zoom platform. Similar to regular Zoom meetings, I will send you a link for our appointment. You do not need to install anything other than Zoom, and if you do not yet have Zoom, clicking the link I send you will prompt you to download the correct software.


As an alternative, FaceTime, Google Video Chat, and Skype can also be used, although they are not secure platforms; federal guidelines for the use of these platforms have been relaxed due to the crisis, so they are permissible to use, but are just not considered as secure.

In terms of payment, I've set up options to do so by credit card or health savings account card, or by Zelle or PayPal.